Henry’s Story

Cats can benefit from physiotherapy too. Henry is a domestic shorthair cat who suffered multiple pelvic fractures following a road traffic collision. Henry was referred post surgery following the insertion of metal pins to stabilise the fractures.

Upon assessment Henry had limited range of movement of both hind limbs and reduced weight bearing on the left hind. There was muscular atrophy (wasting) of his hind limbs due to disuse following strict cage rest post surgery.

The aims of Henry’s physiotherapy treatment were to improve weight bearing, maintain range of movement of his hips and build hind limb musculature in order to resolve the lameness and maintain full function of his hind limbs.

Henry had a long road ahead of him, but with devoted owners who provided him with post surgical care as advised by the operating veterinary surgeon combined with regular physiotherapy treatment, he made steady progress.

Henry was initially treated with Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMFT) to promote fracture healing and provide pain relief. Passive range of movement exercises were performed to maintain joint movement.

A home exercise programme was devised for Henry starting with assisted standing whilst on cage rest, progressing onto 10 minutes a day out of the cage following a line of treats along the ground, and finally onto weight bearing exercises including stepping over poles and wobble cushion work for muscle strengthening.

After 3 months of physiotherapy treatment Henry has regained enough function of his hind limbs to enable him to live a comfortable life.